Remote Preparation Discount Up To 30%

For greater EFFICIENCY! I am suggesting multiple facetime or phone interactions. Instead of you having to sit through an in person tedious session of my inputting your data, BETTER results can be achieved by sending via encrypted email or dropping off your papers and allowing intense focus on accurate input and tax reduction analysis.

I will contact you with multiple questions and ideas that will allow the MAXIMUM result, the MINIMUM tax, with the LOWEST fee.

This change in operation has greatly improved our services allowing the highest quality OUTCOME we can produce in the most efficient time span.

You may fax to 860-924-1414 or email to my ENCRYPTED email or use sharefile portal.

Texting at 910-755-1550 is always an option 24×7 but PLEASE tell me who you are as SIRI is not always announcing your ID.

For appointments with Sheridan Vernon EA:

Year-round appointments are available via facetime.

Click Here to schedule your own
For an appointment TODAY, call: 910-755-1550

For appointments with Lydia Samofal, MBA, EA at Willimantic CT office call: 860-771-9669

For appointments with Joan Fracalossi, MBA, EA at her Leland Office visit
or call: 910-616-9512



Trusted expertise is just a phone call away.