How are you different from other firms?

We don’t just do preparation! We actually guide you on better choices for your hard earned $$.

Should I make extra payments on my mortgage or put that same amount into my company retirement?

Retirement! For more details schedule a consult.

Should my financial advisor be my tax advisor?

Most people assume and trust that their financial advisors know everything. Your tax advisor usually has more insight on the tax arena and should work closely with your financial advisor. Let the tax person guide you on tax! Let the financial advisor guide you on investments! Let the two of them and you work together and the best results are likely achieved!

Can I prepare my own taxes using public software?

Absolutely you can! The tax laws change yearly! Tax reduction strategy changes as well. We spend 100s hours on webinars to find the latest ways to reduce tax, the software only helps you put in the info in the right place. It is merely a high level CALCULATOR. It doesn’t replace a tax Professional’s background, knowledge, skills, and ability to put all the significant parts into the best combination to reduce tax.

How do you calculate your fees?

We set prices for each form that must be produced. The amount is commensurate with the difficulty, time, and critical importance of each entry.

What happens if I get audited by the IRS or a STATE?

As EA’s (Enrolled Agents) we are licensed to represent you anywhere in the US. CPA’s and Attorneys have the same privileges.

What is the difference between CPA, Attorney, Unlicensed Preparer, and EA.?

CPA’s and Attorneys are licensed by their state EA’s are licensed by the US Government. (To prepare all returns federal and states AND represent taxpayers at ALL levels of the IRS including APPEALS!)

Which is better a Roth IRA or Traditional?

The Roth is touted as the be all of retirement funding, mostly by advisors with limited total awareness of people’s overall tax situation. Most advisors seldom look at clients’ tax returns.

They take an idea that has merit and attempt to make a one size fits all decision. When the government needs more tax in the future the law can change to make these so called tax free investments subject to alternative tax provisions. When you do the traditional IRA you are assured of the LOWER TAX NOW! When you’re likely in the highest tax situation you will ever be in!

What do I if I get a Nasty-gram from the IRS or my state?

Immediately contact us, don’t pay or respond to the IRS or state! We are available 7 days per week by email, text and phone.

Can you help with NON TAX issues?

Almost everything in life has some tax implication: buying a house, a business, investment property, college loans, car purchase, business asset purchase. We are always available to assist on finding the LEAST costly way to fund anything that you require.

When buying a house should I pull money from my retirement to make a down payment?

You can, but the cost is about 3 to 5 times that of other ways. For details schedule a consult!

When buying a car should I pay cash if I can get a .9% loan?

Take the loan! For details schedule a consult!

Is it better to buy a used car at half the price of a new car and pay interest at 8% or a new car at double the price and pay 2% ?

Get the new car. For details schedule a consult!

Is it better to lease a car or buy the same car?

It depends on your driving needs and length of time you keep vehicles for details schedule a consult!

When buying a house how can I avoid PMI (private mortgage insurance)?

Family participation, 2nd mortgage, Seller finance, Investment partner for details schedule a consult!

Should I put more into my 401k than the amount the company MATCHES?

Yes for sure! For details schedule a consult!