Items to Bring or Email

Personal information

  • Last years income tax if you are a new client
  • Name, address, Social Security number and Date of Birth for yourself, spouse and dependents
  • Dependent Provider, Name, Address, Tax ID and S.S.N.
  • Banking information if Direct Deposit Required
  • Driver’s license for both spouses
  • Phone numbers and email addresses

Income Data Required

  • Wages and/or Unemployment – Form W-2
  • Interest and/or Dividend Income – Form 1099-Int 1099-Div
  • State/Local income tax refunded
  • Social Assistance Income
  • Pension/Annuity/Stock or Bond Sales – Form 1099-R
  • Contract/Partnership/Trust/Estate Income – Form K-1
  • Gambling/Lottery Winnings and Losses/Prizes/Bonus
  • Alimony Income
  • Rental Income
  • Self Employment/Tips
  • Foreign Income
  • Social Security Benefits received – Form SSA1099
  • If business: all income support of the business for the year, any 1099 Forms

Expense Data Required and other documents

  • Dependent Care Costs
  • Education/Tuition Costs/Materials Purchased
  • Medical/Dental
  • Mortgage/Home Equity Loan Interest/Mortgage Insurance
  • Employment Related Expenses
  • Gambling/Lottery Expenses
  • Tax Return Preparation Expenses
  • Investment Expenses
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Estimated Tax Payments to Federal and State Government and Dates Paid
  • Home Property Taxes
  • Charitable Contributions Cash/Non-Cash
  • Purchase qualifying for Residential Energy Credit
  • IRA Contributions/Retirement Contributions
  • Home Purchase/Moving Expenses
  • Interest and points paid to bank on primary residential – Form 1098
  • Health Insurance coverage – Form 1095-B or Form 1095-A
  • If business: all expense support related to this business for the year

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