“Should I buy a retirement annuity” is a question people often ask themselves when they are concerned about the state of their retirement finances. Some people say that if you feel the need to ask the question then the answer is probably “yes”. I believe that the definitive and absolutely correct answer to this question… Read More

The Millionaire Bear Next-Door Sheridan: “Do you know any BEARS who pay 32% in taxes willingly?” Bear: “Are you kidding I’m in here because I’m dangerous not because I’m foolish” Sheridan: “Are you aware that money in an IRA can DOUBLE every 8 years?” Bear: “Of course I know that, I’m smarter than the average… Read More

Four Quick Tips to GetOut of Debt Faster Myth No. 1: Consolidating my debts will get me out of debt sooner. Debt consolidation is a shell game. You think you’ve done something about the debt problem. But the debt is still there — you just moved it.” Debt consolidation seems appealing because there is a… Read More

If you make any charitable donations and you have a traditional IRA… and you are over 70.5 years old!: When you make a payment DIRECTLY from your IRA to a Charity, it is TAX FREE for federal and most states, so a donation of $1,000 only costs you $1,000. This strategy allows you to make… Read More

Photo via Pexels Have you always wanted to work from home? There’s no better time than the present to make that dream a reality. Whether you want to make it as a freelancer or launch your own business, becoming self-employed is a great way to break away from the traditional 9-to-5 and carve your own… Read More

Check with your bank to see IF YOU CAN M O D I F Y  your mortgage.  Look for rates and payments on 12, 15, 20, 30 year mortgages to see what you can best afford  The R A T E  is the critical number not the years   How soon you pay off the… Read More