Facing a complex tax return, I reached out to Sheridan over the phone for a consult to explore options and strategies. After going above and beyond in terms of time and content, this veteran truly impressed me and earned our business. His years of experience and candid feedback, he’ll tell you what you need to hear… not what you want to hear, positively impacted our return and investments beyond expectations. Finding an individual that truly prioritizes you and your family’s best interests over their own personal gain is challenging to say the least. As a 37 year Air Force Veteran it takes a lot to earn my trust and respect, especially when it comes to taxes and wealth management. Sheridan has my deepest trust and respect and I’m confident he’ll earn yours as well.

– CP, NC

In all my years of working with auditors, tax attorneys, and tax professionals, Sheridan Vernon is the most knowledgeable. He is a true expert in his field with a passion for his clients. He understands tax law and is able to articulate in such a way that you get it! Sheridan provides great insight to future financial savings. He is serious, smart and a pleasure to work with as our tax consultant.

– Donna, NC

Sheridan Vernon has been my “enrolled agent” for over 40 years. This means he has been my money guru and my advisor for the majority of my adult life. He taught me that most life decisions have a financial component and tax implications. I consult with him before all major decisions. He is wise and compassionate in his advice. I credit him with helping me to set up my retirement savings accounts and my financial ability to retire. I am truly grateful for his knowledge, generosity and presence in my life.

– JR, Avon, CT

Sheridan Vernon truly is a Tax Savior.  Sheridan started doing my taxes 30 years ago for my Corporation and my personal taxes.  He now does the taxes for both my adult children. I do not know what my family would have done without him.  The aspect I like so much about Sheridan is that he truly thinks about your situation and how it related to taxes, he does this even after your taxes are done. For example, as soon as my son had his new baby Sheridan called to tell us about a child care savings we had no idea existed.  This simple call saved my son over $4000 in one year.  He represented me in a tax audit of my corporation and it was clear that he knew way more than the IRS auditor.  I was truly happy to have him on my side!  It is hard to find someone with real knowledge and an extremely caring heart.  He will work hard to get you the best results. He is by far the best person to do anyone’s taxes.

– Robin P., Martha’s Vineyard, MA

As a client of Sheridan Vernon for over twenty years I would strongly recommend him for all your tax preparation, tax planning, and financial planning needs. Sheridan combines strong technical knowledge of taxation with common sense solutions, while always being someone who will operate 100% in your best interest. His extensive experience, trustworthiness, and record of continued success in all aspects of taxation make him an ideal resource.

– Mark B, W. Hfd CT

I’ve had Sheridan doing my taxes for over 10 years now and it has been an exceptional experience. Sheridan has helped solve what seems to be an ever so growing list of tax related issues, questions and problems for myself and my businesses. When problems arise he is there by your side. I personally had a very complicated audit, Sheridan myself and the auditor spent about 5 days tracing back a substantial amount of money only to come out in the end owing the IRS about $2000.00. Basically what it comes down to if you need reliability, exceptional knowledge & experience than Sheridan is your guy.

– DB East, Hampton CT

Sheridan is the best tax preparer I have ever had work on my taxes. He is meticulous and thorough and possesses an incredible, up-to-date understanding of the tax code. He is able to get you the best return year after year because he doesn’t just prepare a return based on your documents alone. Instead, he meets with you to ask you questions designed to uncover any number of areas you had no idea were important for your tax return and which always, always saves you money. Sheridan also offers guidance, advice and suggestions for next year’s taxes, for your short and long term future, and for retirement. He has helped me maximize savings through my consulting business and provided my son with solid advice on savings’ strategies. Sheridan is also amazingly quick in responding to emails and phone calls—even while on vacation as I discovered recently! I just received a notice from the state I currently reside in that I might need to pay state taxes and Sheridan took care of it immediately, filing an amended return for me at no charge. I highly recommend Sheridan Vernon for all your tax and financial planning needs.

– BL, CA

It is not that often that someone impresses me especially when it comes to finances. I went to have a consult with Sheridan yesterday & I must say I was in awe. He explained in detail a plan that my husband & I will be able to follow and reap the benefits down the road. He is extremely knowledgeable regarding taxes, investments & insurance. I spent 4 hours with him & enjoyed every minute. Thank you Sheridan I will be back.

– SD and JD, Leland, NC

I recently had a consult with Sheridan. I was seeking a new tax preparer as my previous preparer of 25 years had retired. Our meeting of over 2 hours convinced me that Sheridan is the one to handle my taxes going forward. Preparing tax returns is only one aspect of his expertise. He also reviewed my prior returns and income statements and immediately identified strategies to reduce my taxes and increase income. His experience, expertise and passion (along with his humor) were evident throughout our meeting. It is reassuring to have Sheridan giving me guidance as I make financial decisions and navigate the new tax laws. I strongly recommend meeting with Sheridan if you are seeking income tax assistance.

– Karen H., Leland, NC

Sheridan was friendly, thorough and incredibly helpful. He saved us over $2,000 in 2014 by several tax strategies and by not leaving any stones unturned. He found mistakes in the last 7 years returns and amended the last 3 years for another $900 return. For the other 4 years he contacted the former accountant and got him to refund $1,200 of lost tax refunds.He also went above and beyond the call of duty by pointing out ways to improve our insurance and retirement strategies. I have never had a better accountant for such a reasonable fee.

– Dan V., Meriden, CT

We have worked with Sheridan for a number of years and have followed his tax and financial advice thoroughly. His knowledge of the tax laws, both federally and in Connecticut, cannot be matched. After struggling for a number of years using tax software and various tax entities that rely on poorly trained temporary staff, our financial situation became too complex to trust to anyone except a licensed Enrolled Agent. Not only will Sheridan professionally assist you with your current tax situation, his long-term advice will make you wealthy. Following the reference of a close friend to call Sheridan was the single most important financial decision we’ve made in our professional lives!

– MB and AB from Berlin, CT

We have been clients of Sheridan for 23 years. He does our taxes each year and does a wonderful job of helping us maximize our tax benefits. He educates us about anything more we can do that will help us in the coming year. More than this, however, he advises us on our whole financial life. His vast experience and knowledge base has helped us improve each year. We have easily surpassed our financial goals and now enjoy a financial life that is far beyond our dreams. Sheridan always keeps your best interests in mind; if you follow his advice you too will enjoy a secure financial future.

– BC, Griswold, CT

Sheridan Vernon is the “Tax Savior” and more! The past 15 years he has prepared our taxes and given outstanding financial planning guidance. Sheridan is only a phone call or email away for any of his clients about to embark on major financial decision. My needs have changed with time as I transitioned from a bachelor, to newly wed and now someone with a growing family. Through all those changes Sheridan has been there as my needs have changed to give smart and forward thinking financial advice. Sheridan has a passion for finances and more importantly a passion from helping his clients. I highly suggest if you want a great financial future no matter what life stage you are in at the moment seek out the “Tax Savior”

– Jeff B., Willimantic, CT

I’ve been getting my taxes done from Sheridan for a couple years now and he has always been very gracious, informative, and truthful when doing my taxes. Sheridan seems to be a very honest man who cares about saving me and my family the most money possible with in the North Carolina tax and federal tax systems. I know when Sheridan does my taxes they will be done right the first time and they will also be done with my family’s best interest at heart.

– Keenan G., Leland, NC

As a Part-time CFO and Management Consultant, I had never had my own business audited before. Sheridan did an amazing job in representing me. He walked me through the whole process, what to expect, and the types of information the examiner would most likely focus on. He also followed up with me and gave me some great business advice as well. I highly recommend Sheridan and his services.

– Michael L., Burlington, VT

Mr. Sheridan Vernon has been doing our corporate & personal taxes for over 20 years. We have always found him to be intelligent, forthright, practical, & very knowledgeable. We believe his counsel & insight has contributed enormously to our secure financial position.

– Lance C., Enfield, CT

Our family’s circumstances unexpectedly and dramatically changed several years ago. Sheridan guided and advised us throughout the complicated process of filing taxes and he offered financial guidance that helped us immeasurably.  We will always be grateful to him for taking such a personal and caring interest in our well-being.

– R.M.L. Mansfield, CT

We have been a client of Sheridan Vernon for 2 years. We feel he is very knowledgeable in finding the best way of assisting us with our tax returns. Sheridan has saved us thousands of dollars each year. Sheridan also has excellent financial advice to assist with the upcoming year to save us even more tax dollars.

Debbie and Peter, Columbia, CT

I just want to say thank you so much for all that you have done for me. Not only have you helped me to turn my finances around so that I am making better decisions, but you have also been a great friend.I really appreciate how knowledgeable you are, how much you care, and how hard you work.  You have made a difference in my life.Thank-you again.

– SM, Shallotte, NC

Thank you for all your great tax advice over the years Sheridan. Not only did we save money on taxes but enough so that we’ve been able to pay off our mortgage and are now DEBT FREE at age 64!! You are also helping our son to follow sound money saving practices which is imperative in this day and age.  THANK YOU!!

– SRL and CC, Storrs, CT



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