Sheridan Vernon, EA

After high school I joined the US Army from 1966 to 1969.  I went to officer candidate school graduating in 1967.  Then a 13 month deployment to Korea.  I was there for the N. Korean incursion of 90 assault troops through the DMZ and the capture of the US ship the pueblo off the N. Korean coast. Upon completing active duty in 1969,I joined the CT national guard and participated for 17 years. I attended UConn (Univ. of CT) and finished my BBA at Western Michigan university in Kalamazoo MI.  I worked briefly for the IRS as a revenue officer in MI. I worked for 2 international CPA firms while going to college in MI during 2 tax preparation seasons. Upon returning to CT I worked for 3 different bank tax departments while building my personal tax practice.  During the less busy times of the year I represented numerous clients in tax audits for a CA based company that provides audit representation memberships for self prepared tax returns.  Most of the returns had significant audit changes due to both actual mistakes as well as dubious conduct. My job was to minimize the damage already in progress.

I have been preparing taxes and educating individual and small business clients in paying the lowest legal taxes since 1971. Through solid tax advice and client awareness education I assisted numerous clients to accumulate $Millions$ in retirement accounts that reduced their annual tax liability. I advise all of his clients “It’s not only about your taxes but the logic of keeping your money from the government, legally! 60% of my clients take my advice,  increase wealth and get older, 40% wish they had, but they still get older.”

I attained my Enrolled Agent designation from the US Treasury in 1987. I achieved a Certification in Tax from the University of Hartford Graduate program. I moved from Willimantic, CT to Brunswick Forest (Leland, NC) in 2013. I maintain my office in CT my business partner Lydia Samofal EA and MBA  is the primary person in CT. I live and work in NC.  Including my close affiliate business partner Joan Fracalosi we produce over 900 tax returns each year.  Our true passion, is to help those who value wealth accumulation.  I have given talks to local business groups in Leland, NC, taught a 3-hour “Business Startup” seminar for SCORE at Brunswick Community College and has produced a 25-minute “tax tips talk” on radio station WILI of Willimantic CT in 2010. I am  member of Linked-in and Alignable business groups.

I stand ready to assist young and old to reduce tax legally.  Saving clients money is the equivalent for me to winning a gold medal in the “Tax Olympics”.  Money doesn’t come with instructions.  So I spend 100’s of hours on webinars each year to learn all I can of NEW tax law and tactics to enhance my clients financial well being.  Please don’t accept my WORD read my google reviews and testimonials.  If I have benefited them, I likely may be able to coach you to a higher level of financial gain.


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