How The Bear Became a Millionaire

The Millionaire Bear Next-Door

Sheridan: “Do you know any BEARS who pay 32% in taxes willingly?”
Bear: “Are you kidding I’m in here because I’m dangerous not because I’m foolish”


Sheridan: “Are you aware that money in an IRA can DOUBLE every 8 years?”
Bear: “Of course I know that, I’m smarter than the average BEAR”
Sheridan: “Most taxpayers pay $32 out of $100 to the IRS instead of the IRA”
Bear: “That’s grisly, I can’t BEAR to think about it”
Sheridan: “When you put 100 into an IRA your profit is 32/68=47%”
Bear: “I can’t understand why humans don’t do it”


Did you say you can reduce my taxes?
Yes, and we will only charge you the BEAR minimum!