Renan Guillou


Retirement Planner

Cell phone: 910-632-3754

Leland, NC

Renan is an independent FiNRA licensed financial advisor. He has been working as a client fiduciary since 2014. This started when, Renan received the news that a good Panamanian friend lost all his retirement savings and was now broke! This event was the catalyst for Renan joining Olympic Golden Retirements. Now, he can help his clients protect and grow their retirement portfolios and avoid the devastating impact that poor retirement planning can lead to. Today, his passion is to guide and teach his clients how to design their portfolios “mathematically” with an intent to avoid losing money, provide a lifetime income, preserve 100% of their principal. Thus, building substantial liquidity and flexibility throughout their investment years. Prior to working for Olympic Golden Retirements, he owned and operated a successful French restaurant. Following the sale of his restaurant, he moved to Panama to pursue a Real Estate career with Christies Great Estates. There he assisted Americans and Europeans looking to invest and/or resettle in Panama. He and a business partner founded Strategy Panama that focused on helping clients supplement their retirement income by identifying businesses they could launch or purchase. He graduated from UNCW where he majored in Spanish and Business.